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KLUB GIRKO has been exploring the interaction between performers and spectators since 2017. Whether in the theater, in public space or at other unconventional venues. The starting point is usually a small group of performers who "offer" a performance to a large group of spectators. With PULK, KLUB GIRKO wants to question this situation and put the audience in a new situation in which they act independently or in PULK. To this end, Josef Stiller and Moritz Grenz work with an interactive stage set, which is initially very inconspicuous. A simple cube made of construction fence elements is transformed into a space in the city, a white square with several entrances and exits, which becomes a playground for people of all ages. 


What will take place in it? What kind of circus tent will it be? How many people are in it and how many can fit in?


Using simple means of object theater, attention is directed to the middle of the cube, but no one can yet see what is happening inside. Until the audience is invited into the space with folding signs. Between artistry, folding symbols and sound experiments, the audience is set in motion, entering and exiting the action, always in the flow of the changing stage set. In this space, the performer plays with the audience's natural reactions in a simple and intelligent way, using bamboo poles of different lengths and thicknesses. In this way, PULK becomes a game with symbols and orientation in spaces (signaling) as well as an examination of oneself in a group. To what extent do I still act independently and on my own responsibility when I move around in a group?

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