CHINA SERIES is an interdisciplinary project, where circus, dance, contemporary performance and sculpture meet. It is based on the diabolo as an object and circus apparatus. Thereby, the interest is the deconstruction and reconstruction of this classical object, where ceramic is used as the main working material, stressing (through its fragility) the ephemeral nature of the performance and the performing body. The breakability of the ceramic evokes the fragility of not only objects and bodies, but also the temporality of relations and situations. Within this context, this interactive project questions how the audience can be spectator and co-choreographer in relation to the performer, the objects and each other, during a temporary shared experience. CHINA SERIES consists of performances and installations that stand for themselves but relate and refer to each other in content as well as form. 

A project by

Julian Vogel

Residencies & support

Kulturhaus Südpol Luzern (CH)

Berlin Circus Festival (DE)

Imaginarius Creation Center (PT)

Maison des Jonglages Paris (FR)

Station Circus Basel (CH)

Centre Culturel Suisse Paris (FR)

ProHelvetia Schweizer Kulturstiftung (CH)